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Time is elusive, hard to grasp, ever-lasting... But its purpose is clear: Change. 

Manifest time itself throughout the age of the universe in this colourful 2D physics platformer!

Times Turn puts you in charge of a physical manifestation of Time, running through the entire age of the universe to experience everything. From the grove that started it all, through the ice age, past the collapse of an ancient library and the trenches of war, up to the end of time itself... 

Push and swing yourself through 3 Ages and 15 exponentially harder levels to prove you are indeed the best across all of time. 

Meet a cast of fully voiced  characters, and discover more about the mysterious forces that manifest and influence Time.

The age of the universe can take days and weeks to complete, or just a few minutes. Race for the best times... if you can.

To play the game, simply download, unzip, and run "TimesTurn.exe". We recommend using a controller if you have access to it.  If you come across any bugs, let us know in the comments.

If you enjoy the game (or hate it to the point you want more), leave a rating and tell your friends! And if you want to hang out with us, come join our discord server and say hi!

Note for content creators:

We admire your work and would love to see our game played by other people! You do not need to ask our permission to stream, record or post anything about our game, so do your thing without any worries!


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Looks really impressive and really well designed! Might be too much to ask at this point but Mac/Linux builds would be gretly appreciated!

Thanks for checking it out :D We're considering making ports (including steam) once this game gets more traction, to justify the added time / cost... I sincerely hope we do :)


Thank you for the provisional copy. THIS IS EXCITING!! I am one of those who cannot stop playing it. I have become an insomniac since I started with it. Wow! and thanks.

Awesome! Thanks for the comment!


I've been playin' the game for quite some time now, way before the final release, and I consider it a one of kind game. The mechanics are easy enough to understand, but the skill ceiling gets higher and higher as you play the game. If you're looking for a fast, challenging and cool platformer game then this is the game for you!

Awesome, thank you! 


Awesome stuff! It's a hard game to master but so fun when you get good :)


Thank you! That's exactly what we're aiming for :D


The game looks fun! The devs are also willing to listen user feedbacks and improve the game mechanics


Always ready to improve! 


This style looks awesome, and the movement system is soo cool! I'm getting the hang of it now and I feel like a speedrunner doing sick tricks!


Speedrun!!! Someone has to set those records sooner or later ;)


Let us know what you think! =D